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We operate a fortnightly service to the North-West and South-West of France and a monthly service to Paris and the South-East of France. We have serviced these regions for a number of years and are very committed to providing our customers with an exceptional quality of service. Please check our movements and availability schedule below to see if we can fit in your full or part load removal request. 



Only If you have already booked a move with us from France to the UK, please click the link button below to provide us with some further details. Please send this information as soon as possible to help us with your move. (This information is only used to assist with collection preparation). Thank you for your time.

Have you already booked your move with us?

    Thank you for taking the time to help us. This information will come in very useful.

    Storage Facilities

    For information on our Interim and Long Term storage facilities please visit Container Storage. Here you will find all of the information you need if you have not found a place to move to yet.

    No alcohol or tobacco products

    Please note we are unable to transport any alcohol or tobacco products internationally – these must accompany the person to whom they belong. 


    Cost Guide

    For your benefit we have included a Cost Guide below. We aim to make our costings as transparent as possible for you.

    Part Loads – To and From France

    Variables to Consider

    A part load can range from a singular item to the contents of an entire house. The cost of a part load service will depend on the following variables:

    1. Mileage

    • In both the UK and France.
    • Are the routes direct or will there be diversionary mileage required to access the properties?

    2. Quantity

    • The volume of cubic feet of the consignment.
    • Packing requirements.
    • Is the quantity small enough to travel as a part load i.e. in conjunction with other consignments?

    3. Labour

    • The number of men and the length of time required to load and unload.

    4. Timings

    • Is the collection and delivery on a strict schedule or will there be some leniency?

    Approximate Costs to and from France

    Please note all above prices do not include 20% VAT.

    Specialised Journeys To And From France

    The cost involved in moving household goods to or from France on a specialised journey basis, ie: a dedicated vehicle, depends upon the following criteria:

    1. Mileage

    • To and from the collection address and Salisbury
    • From Salisbury to the ports of Portsmouth or Poole
    • From the ports of Caen, Cherbourg, Le Havre or St Malo to the delivery address
    • From the delivery address back to Salisbury

    2. Quantity

    • The volume in cubic feet of the household contents

     3. Vehicles

    • The size of vehicle required to transport the contents

    4. Labour

    • The number of staff required to pack and load in the UK
    • The number of staff required to deliver in France (normally two)

     5. Time

    • The number of days to complete the move, including returning to Salisbury

    6. Packaging

    • The quantity of cartons, paper, tape and blankets required to pack and wrap the effects

     7. Transportation Costs

    • The cost of cross channel ferries and French road tolls

    8. Accessibility of Properties

    • Will extra staff and vehicles be required due to poor accessibility

    Approximate Costs for Specialised Journeys

    A full load between Southern England, including packing* to or from:

    Northern France (4 day move) £4,200.00
    Mid France (5 day move) £5,100.00
    Southern France (6 day move) £5,900.00

    Please note all above prices do not include 20% VAT.

    *If a full packing service is not required up to £400.00 net can be deducted from the above figures. Boxes can be purchased and collected from our warehouse in Salisbury for customers who prefer to carry out their own packing.

    Our staff are experienced in all aspects of moving households to and from France  and will be able to answer any queries you may have. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

    • If you are moving from the U.K. we normally require a representative to visit your property at least four weeks prior to the removal date to assess the quantity and discuss the removal in detail.
    • If you are moving a full household from France, we will try and arrange a visit prior to the move.
    • Please note that we are unable to carry out moves within France, i.e. Brittany to the Dordogne.  

    Supporting the community

    We are the official sponsors of Salisbury Rugby Club and Bemerton Heath Harlequins Football Club.

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    From October this year, Reflex Moody’s Ltd will no longer be carrying out any UK Removals.
    However, we will be continuing to provide a removal service for those moving their belongings to or
    from France.
    If you are interested in a full house removal, either from your primary residence or from a second
    home, we would be delighted to hear from you.
    Your effects can be delivered direct to your new home, or you may wish to make use of our Storage
    facility at Old Sarum.
    Should you wish us to provide a quotation for your move, please send an email to or call us on 01722 414350 and speak to Peter or Lynn. We’ll talk you
    through the customs process and to get you started, we’ll send a link for you to complete a contents
    We would like to thank all our UK clients for their custom over the years, we really have appreciated
    you. This change to our business is due to staff shortages and increased French removals due to
    Our existing storage customers can be reassured that it’s business as usual. When you are ready to
    have your effects delivered from store we’ll be here for you.