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Part Loads To And From France
A part load can be anything from a single item to a complete house full. Part load prices depend upon the following:
1.Mileage-in both the UK and France
 -are the properties on main routes or is a lot of diversionary mileage required to access the properties?
2.Quantity-the volume of cubic feet of the consignment
 -packing requirements
 -is the quantity small enough to travel as a part load i.e. in conjunction with other consignments?
3.Labour-the number of men and the length of time required to load and unload
4.Timings-do the goods require rapid collection and delivery or can this be done within a certain period of time?

Approximate Part Load Costs To And From France

A single item or part load up to 100 cubic feet between Southern England and

a.Northern France-£400.00 + VAT (20.0%)
b.Mid France-£600.00 + VAT
c.Southern France-£800.00 + VAT

A part load of 600 cu ft (enough to furnish a 2 bedroom gîte) between Southern England and

a.Northern France-£1750.00 + VAT (20.0%)
b.Mid France-£2000.00 + VAT
c.Southern France-£2250.00 + VAT

A part load of 1000 cu ft (contents of a small 3 bedroom house) between Southern England and

a.Northern France-£2550.00 + VAT (20.0%)
b.Mid France-£2850.00 + VAT
c.Southern France-£3150.00 + VAT
If a packing service is required, an additional £200.00 - £400.00 net should be added to the cost.

We have varying sizes of vehicles ranging from 550 cu ft capacity to 3500 cu ft capacity.

It is not always necessary to send a representative to view a part load – many people prefer to compile their own lists or complete a contents list which can be emailed or posted.

Special Journeys To And From France
The cost involved in moving household goods to or from France on a special journey basis, ie: a dedicated vehicle, depends upon the following criteria:
1.Mileage-to and from the collection address and Salisbury
 -from Salisbury to the ports of Portsmouth or Poole
 -from the ports of Caen, Cherbourg, Le Havre or St Malo to the delivery address
 -from the delivery address back to Salisbury
2.Quantity-the volume in cubic feet of the household contents
3.Vehicles-the size of vehicle required to transport the contents
4.Labour-the number of staff required to pack and load in the UK
 -the number of staff required to delivery in France (normally two)
5.Time-the number of days to complete the move, including returning to Salisbury
6.Packaging-the quantity of cartons, paper, tape and blankets required to pack and wrap the effects
7.Transportation Costs-the cost of cross channel ferries and French road tolls
8.Accessibility of Properties-are extra staff and vehicles required due to poor accessibility
Approximate Special Journey Costs

A full load between southern England, including packing to or from:

a.Northern France (4 day move)-£3800.00 + VAT (20.0%)
b.Mid France (5 day move)-£4600.00 + VAT
c.Southern France (5/6 day move)-£5400.00 + VAT
If a full packing service is not required and own packing is preferred, anything up to £400.00 net can be deducted from the above figures.

Boxes can be purchased and collected from our warehouse in Salisbury for customers who prefer to do their own packing.

If moving from the UK., a visit to the property by one of our representatives at least four weeks prior to the removal date will be required in order to assess the quantity and to discuss the removal in detail.  If moving from France, a visit is arranged wherever possible.  However, a detailed list (either you own or completed using the Quotes page on this website) can be used instead.

Please note that we are unable to transport any alcohol or tobacco products - these must accompany the person to whom they belong.

Interim Storage

There is often a requirement for interim storage when moving between counties. Many people sell their home and place their furniture in store whilst they search for a new home.

We have storage facilities available at our purpose built container warehouse in Salisbury.

If storage is required, a vehicle loaded with empty containers is sent to your UK property and your furniture and effects are loaded directly into the containers. If this is not possible due to access problems with the larger vehicles, smaller vehicles are used and loaded conventionally. Once back at the warehouse the goods are packed into storage containers. 

The containers are made of wood and have internal dimensions of 7 feet x 7 feet x 5 feet, totaling 245 cubic feet. Five containers fit into the largest vehicle, with an additional two in the trailer if required.

In general, a four bed-roomed household will require between 5 and 8 containers.

When the goods are removed to France, unless specially requested, the contents of the containers are emptied and loaded conventionally into the removal vehicle. This is because 40% of the volume of the vehicle is wasted if containers are used, necessitating the use and extra expense of a second vehicle.

Containers are not used when collecting goods from France - they are loaded conventionally into one of our vehicles and placed into containers once back at our depot.  They are then used on the subsequent delivery to the new location in the UK.

The rental for storage containers is £10.00 + VAT per week per container.

The approximate cost of a removal involving storage would be an additional £800 + VAT for a full load of 8 containers. This covers the extra handling and loading. There would also be a charge of £80.00 + VAT per week for storage.

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